What shoes complete the look?
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I'm in a Purim Spiel that's using the music of Earth, Wind and Fire! I have a shirt and pants that are SPECTACULAR and I need shoes to go with them. I am lost when it comes to shoes. Help!

Shirt: https://a.co/d/73Dj7V2
Pants: https://a.co/d/8NJYJv6
Both are very shiny!!

I suspect the answer is platform shoes but they're as much as the shirt and pants combined! Would love to stay under $40 but could stretch to $50. I have no idea what color I should get, or what socks I should wear... Or if they should light up... Ideas?
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You need platforms. Ideally you'd get them in a good color. Here's an extra-goofy option. This general shape of platform loafer was a trend for women in the late 90's, early 2000's so you may have luck at a thrift store or vintage shop if you have smallish feet. And check your women's section at the discount shoe store-- you may get pretty close in the big sizes. I feel like this platform loafer type of thing has never really gone away in women's. Here are some more ideas.

Or maybe like a fringe boot? That would at least cover the pants, which if you're going for "Disco Stu" would be, ideally, bell bottoms. These are covers that go on any boot (which you could probably make if you're crafty.) Fringe skews more hippie than disco, but it'll work.

Another option is a metallic or holographic sneaker. Go wild with this. Not super authentic but super fun and works for a costume. If the disco stars of the 70's had had access to LEDs, they would have used them.

Or roller skates if you can manage that safely!
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+1 You need platform boots. Results from a recent search I did for myself for Mardi Gras:

These would look fabulous with your shirt and pants

These light up, have less of a heel, and may be wearable after the costume event, if that's a plus
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In every picture of the band at least two of them are wearing white leather boots. So my vote is a pair of white leather boots.
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I can't improve upon these shiny suggestions, but I'm ardently hoping you'll post photos of your magnificent outfit when it's all put together!
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