Is there a way to get fabric that's a color-match to wall paint?
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I am doing a big mural in my room with leftover Sherwin-Williams paints. I'd like to next do a big embroidered comforter for my bed in matching colors.

I can take the paint swatches to the store and hope for a match, but is there a way to order fabric and/or embroidery thread in Sherwin-Williams colors? I've googled, but am just finding tools that will allow me to match paint colors to paints with the word "cloth" in their name.

If it matters, my colors are SW 6582 Impatiens Petal, SW 6583 In the Pink, SW 6820 Inspired Lilac, SW 6822 Wisteria, SW 6799 Soar, SW 9063 Porch Ceiling, SW 6729 Lacewing, and SW 6731 Picnic.
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Best answer: If you go to a good quality fabric store, they’ll have a wide selection (both solids and prints) or will have the Robert Kaufman color card, which you can use to color match Kona cottons which you can order. I’d call up places near you to ask.

If you’re in the Bay Area, Stone Mountain and Daughter should be able to help.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That's extremely helpful (I'm in Nashville, but we do have fabric stores).
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Best answer: FYI, Sherwin Williams publishes their own table to convert one of their tints into RGB values. That might make it easier to find a cross-reference to another manufacturer. Or make your computer's desktop background color match up!
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Response by poster: Wow, that is FABULOUS! Using that, I get e.g.: 6582 Impatiens Petal R: 244 G: 210 B: 215 which corresponds to: hex #f4d2d7, which this site will translate into the Kona color. Amazing!
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Best answer: Woo! Glad it worked!

For those listening in another useful site to bookmark is EasyRGB. It can also do conversions to and from paint companies as well as convert colors into other formats. I just thought the S/W chart would be easier to answer the question but EasyRGB can do some other tricks too. Cheers!
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Best answer: I would be wary of going through hex color codes or "RGB values" if you want precise color matching -- even if you can be sure the values are written according to the standard gamma curve and primaries for an sRGB computer display, there are plenty of colors such a display can't produce. And these values will only tell you what the color will look like under certain ideal lighting conditions, which probably won't match the lighting conditions in your bedroom. That said, if you're just looking for a ballpark estimate, it's probably fine…
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Another option is ordering swatches. They’re very cheap. Most places online offer them. It’s really helpful to see things in person as they can appear different depending on lighting.
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Seconding that I'd expect the RGB color conversion to give you a color that's likely a few shades off once you get to the Kona color, just due to the nature of the beast of how different color spaces are constructed. If you can, you should try to use physical swatches or samples before you commit to a large order if a precise match is important.
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