Looking for good Indian pickles
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What is your favorite brand of Indian pickles? And can you order it online?

By Indian pickles of course I mean south asian curry-pickles (what is its English name, anyway?). You know, where they take some kind of fruit or vegetable (most commonly mangoes or limes) cut it into chunks, pickle it in curry powder, usually eaten with rice and yogurt or lentils.

I've been trying to find a brand that isnt all chunks (of fruit) and that tastes good (not just too hot-spicy and not too bland either). I know there are a bunch of competing brands in Indian grocery stores (and I've seen them in regular supermarkets from time to time).
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I, too, call them pickles (in English). I recommend Bedekar's, which is what I usually have, back home in Bombay.
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Hot lime pickles are an entire food group to me. I usually pick up about five different types of pickles anytime I am in an Indian grocery. And quite honestly, Patak's brand are darn good and very widely available, quickly becomming the Heinz ketchup of achar.
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You can buy all kinds of pickles at Namaste.com. I am particularly fond of Priya's cut mango pickle, and the whole gunda pickle - with rice and yoghurt, that's a perfect quick dinner
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Though chutney is usually chunked or even diced, you might have better luck searching for it instead.
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The mighty Mr. Patak. His chilli relish in particular will rock your world.
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Also this one. Aow!
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Apologies - I missed that zaelic had already recommended Mr. P. He's right, you know.
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Priya is supposed to be good too and price competitive. If you're in NYC just go to Jackson Heights or Lex/20s -- you have no need to buy pickles online.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I will try them all...
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