please recommend small-town Bards
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I'm reading a book by an author dubbed the Bard of Akron for his writing about life in Ohio. Can you think of other authors who have been called - by some reasonably notable source - the Bard of Somewhere? Avon is out, I already know about that Bard. The smaller and more obscure the somewhere, the better.

No need to recommend books, songs, etc. titled "The Bard of Whatever." I'm looking specifically for authors (poets count).
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Les Murray the Australian poet was well known as the Bard of Bunyah or the Bush Bard of Bunyah.
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Julia A Moore, the "Sweet Singer of Michigan"
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Billy Bragg - the Bard of Barking.
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Bard College, the bard of colleges
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I think William Kennedy was described as the Bard of Albany, New York.
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John Arlott, the Bard of Basingstoke, article in Wisden (2014).
William Downing Evans, the bard of Newport, here.
William McGonagall, the Bard of Dundee, here and here.
Kipling, the bard of Empire, here.
One reference to Anna Laetitia Barbauld as "the bardess of Stoke Newington" in this book.
There is also a list on Wikipedia, and another slightly different one here, including John Cooper Clarke, the Bard of Salford (documentary).
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I've never heard John Clare described as the 'Bard of Luton', and a quick internet search suggests that ChatGPT is mixing up John Clare and John Hegley. I also have my suspicions about W.H. Davies as the 'Bard of the Black Country' as he was born in Wales and lived in London. (Oh ChatGPT, you slyboots!)
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Albert R. Frey's Sobriquets and Nicknames (1888) lists several:
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There is a repertory theatre company called The Bard of Pittsburgh in honor of August Wilson.
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Not quite the same thing, but Exeter has a post of Bard of Exeter.
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Response by poster: Thank you! We’re ready for our bards book club now.
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James Buchanan Elmore, the worst poet ever according to some, was known as The Bard of Alamo. A bit of his poem "The Monon Wreck":
But there they lay on the crimson snow--
Their hearts have ceased to ebb and flow;
Quite as cold as a frozen chunk,
With a lady's heart upon a stump. ...

And yonder in the wreck I see
A man that's pinioned down by the knee,
And hear him calmly for to say:
"Cut, oh, cut my leg away!"
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