Recommend me a nice weekday breakfast in Brooklyn
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I need to find a nice spot for a breakfast meeting tomorrow in Brooklyn near Park Slope. Doesn’t have to be fancy fancy but not a diner style affair either. I think Ft Greene is the furthest north I’d go and Windsor terrace is the furthest south. Red Hook is furthest east and Crown Heights the furthest west I’d go. Outdoor options are a big plus! Where would you go?
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If you end up w/o somewhere else to go, I like both Purity Diner and Little Purity. Alas, they are diners and not the type of restaurant you are looking for, but the food is very good and the atmosphere is nice -- much more casual restaurant/brunch spot rather than the flouresescent THIS IS A DINER decor at a lot of places
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Maybe Couleur Cafe
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You could try CAFÉ LULUc on Smith St.—they have a back garden but not sure if it’s heated or will be open given the weather.
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How early will your breakfast be?

Cafe Luluc on Smith Street is small, but opens at 9am and usually has heated outdoor seating available in the garden. *note: cash-only*

Miriam on 5th Ave opens at 10am
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Mile End on Hoyt st just expanded their dining room, their breakfast food is awesome, and they take reservations.
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Pasta Louise does weekday breakfast at their (newer) 12th st location starting at 8am. I'm not sure if they have any outdoor seating. Squarely in Park Slope.

Baba Cool Fort Greene has table service outdoors and also opens at 8 am but the street it's on can be a little bit noisy sometimes.

Ciao, Gloria is an order-at-the-counter, they'll-bring-you-food-if-you-get-it-for-here affair in Prospect Heights that's quite nice but not fancy, opens at 8 am. Not sure what the seating situation is like on weekdays - they have both indoor and outdoor seating but are popular enough at noon on weekends that getting one of those seats is a lost cause.
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