Experience with testosterone gels?
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Does anyone have experience using Testim or other testosterone gels? I have a testosterone deficiency which is causing anemia/fatigue and have just started using Testim. What should I expect in terms of feeling better? How long for improvement? Definite improvement? Not worth the risks?
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My husband uses Androgel with great success. Without it he is completely sluggish and useless. I'm not sure if this is directly attributable to the Androgel or the other medications he takes (cortef/synthroid) but there is some hair thinning and weight gain.
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My fiance also uses Androgel (he gets horrid migraines as well as some other problems from the hormone imbalance). It does increase aggressive tendencies somewhat (intolerably for some), and you need to be careful to wash your hands after applying. It's definitely worth it for him--it improved the migraine as well as a host of other problems he hadn't been fully aware of (as they were secondary to the years-long headache he'd had by the time he started taking it)--serious fatigue, dizzy spells, some sexual side effects (OK, those weren't apparent as much because of a bad marital situation as because of the headaches), some other problems I can't really remember right now. Take the stuff. Only you will be able to decide whether the side-effects are worth the trade-off for feeling better for you--side-effects are different for everyone.
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My response is almost immediate -- within a day.

Effects differ from person to person. I feel more physical energy and sexual interest.

Side effects also differ from person to person. I get angry more easily. Part of this is the need to adapt to the higher hormone level, just as you adapted to the lower level.

If your employer has a prescription benefit, be aware that the plans HATE to pay for anything related to sexual function. Also, testosterone is abused by athletes bulking up with steroids, so it's a Controlled Substance. This means not only a special prescription, but pre-approval by the the insurer. Expect to have the plan refuse to fill the prescription at least 3 times and force you, your doctor and your pharmacist go through an elaborate kabuki ritual.
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