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I remember, from at least 20 years ago, a website I stumbled onto that was a collection of ideas from people from all over the world. I think the ideas were grouped by category, like, social policy, technology, etc. Can't remember the name of the site.

But at the time, I remember thinking it was a great place for people to bang out a crazy idea (or not so crazy) and put it next to other people's ideas. For a second, I thought about how somebody could take an idea not theirs and monetize it or patent it or something. But then I thought how cool would THAT be? That someone was actually able to make one of them work! I wondered why would people do that - share ideas in a forum like that? I wondered how many of them were made real at some point. Mostly, I'm thinking about doing something similar but want to know what happened to the first one.
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Was it Halfbakery?
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