How can I see what Tiffany jewelry looks like on a person without going to one of their stores?
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How can I see what Tiffany jewelry looks like on a person without going to one of their stores?

Last year for my college graduation my dad got me a Tiffany ring and for my birthday a Tiffany neclace. So chances are, for my upcoming birthday and/or graduation (MBA), he'll be getting me another Tiffany piece. I'd like a pair of Tiffany earrings to complete the ensemble (please refrain from debating the merits of T&Co) and would like to nudge him in the right direction, but its really hard to tell how the earrings look on! I don't live anywhere near a T&Co store. Any suggestions where I can find pictures of people wearing them?
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Go to your local country club/charity benefit.
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There are many similar styles of silver teardrop earrings out there. A trip to one or two department stores should yield something similar that you can try on to get an idea.
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Actually, for health reasons, most places will not let you try them on. They will allow you to hold them up and look at yourself in the mirror.
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Ditto saffron. Tiffany designs get widely ripped-off, and I've seen those earrings elsewhere.
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Those look like Elsa Peretti designs. They are especially popular with the copycatters. While I have seen them at flea markets, it's hard to predict when and where they'll show up. They do appear on eBay very consistently though (in spite of the promised crackdown), so you could probably get a pair for $25 if it was really that important to see on you. Then you could decide if you want the real thing. Just search for Elsa Peretti (whatever). Try some misspellings for extra value.
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I got those earings as an anniversary gift this year; my niece has them as well. I don't have pictures but I can tell you that they are remarkably flattering when on to both of us, and we have very differently shaped faces. I think it's the curve. I get comments on mine all the time, and they're great becuase they dress up and dress down very easily.
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Response by poster: dpx.mfx: Are they heavy? Also, they seem kinda awkward going in. Do they stretch your ears out or anything?
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The first time I put them in I thought they were heavy, but now I never notice that I have them in. They don't stretch my ears at all - I wear these every day from the time I get up until I go to bed. They're also no problem to get in - the wires are off set just a little bit (it's hard to tell from the picture) so they are easy.
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