Why are there so many helicopters over us?
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Does anyone know what's going on with all the helicopters in Brooklyn tonight?

That's Brooklyn, New York. Not Maine or something. 311 said to call the East Coast Helicopter council, but the number isn't working.
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Gothamist says an important rebbe of the Satmar sect passed away -- helicopters are there for protection, apparently? Check the comments..

"Thousands of people are expected to throng the streets of Williamsburg once this announcement gets out-- and things could turn violent, as Teitelbaum's two sons are feuding over who will succeed him, and their followers have gotten physical a number of times in the past year."

Comment: "There are like a gajillion choppers in the South Williamsburg sky right now. I thought we were under attack!"
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The Grand Rebbe died.
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I'm guessing they are mostly news choppers.
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WABC's Website says...
Thousands of mourners, most dressed in the traditional black hats and jackets worn by ultra-Orthodox Jews, flooded the streets outside Teitelbaum's Brooklyn synagogue. Police sent hundreds of officers to control the crowds.

A burial was to immediately follow in the town of Kiryas Joel, about 45 miles northwest of New York City. Under Jewish law, the dead must be buried as quickly as possible.
That's my bet.
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Wow, I kinda wondered about this myself -- I could hear them in Greenpoint. Thanks, folks!
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