How much do YouTubers earn from individual Premium subscribers vs ads?
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I've been subscribed to YouTube Premium for a while. I'm wondering how much money a YouTuber earns from my views of videos vs. views from someone who is sitting through the ads.

Searching online I found this old Reddit post where at least one YouTuber said Premium subscribers earned them almost twice as much (per view) as ad viewers in 2018; I'm guessing ad rates are down in 2022 though, and don't know if Premium payment rates have changed.
I'd also like to know if this is affected by how many videos I watch per month - if I (a Premium subscriber) watch 1 YouTube video, does the creator of that video get 10 times as much money as creators would get if I watched 10 different YouTube videos of equal length?
I'm less interested in absolute numbers, more in relative payments and how things get split with YouTube/Alphabet.
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Best answer: Despite the spammy video title, this Linus Tech Tips video does a good job getting into the details of how YouTube revenue breaks down exactly along the lines your asking.
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Best answer: A different Linus Tech Tips video called it a "substantial difference" (in revenue) between premium and non premium users.
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Response by poster: Thanks; these videos have answered most of my questions - the longer a Premium user watches a video, the more money the creator gets, and each Premium user gets them a lot more money than each ad-supported one does. I'd love to have a formula that tells me what percent of my monthly fee goes where if I watch a single 1-hour video vs 2 videos totaling 2 hours vs 10 videos totaling 5 hours (or some other arbitrary number) in a month, but I expect that's unlikely to be public knowledge.
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This post from a Lego-related channel, from November, breaks down a lot of their stats. I bet they'd respond in the comments if you had specific questions for them.
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