I just want to be warm
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ISO thick, loose fleece trousers. (And I do mean thick.) In the UK.

I have recently bought a snuddie (oversized, knee-length, very thick fleece hoodie) and it is a wonder. I can wear it over other tops including over wool sweaters and be extra warm and comfy at home without turning the heating up high. Problem is, my legs are now significantly colder than the rest of me.

So, I'm looking for... basically the trousers equivalent of the snuddie. Thick, fleece, loose so I can wear them on top of other things. Help?

(Note: fleece leggings need not apply. I have those, but when I wear them I feel like a sausage. At least at home, where only my cats will judge me, I would prefer to not have to sacrifice comfort for warmth.)
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Best answer: Sherpa-lined or fleece-lined jogging bottoms are big and warm and in my mind, the trousers equivalent of a snuddie-type thing. I got some from amazon a couple of years ago and they’re very toasty, no doubt they're also available elsewhere.

They do make my legs look several sizes larger than the rest of me, but I don't imagine your cats will care :)
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Don't they have anything in Primark? I know Kat Nesbitt the flight attendant raves about Primark clothes every chance she gets. :)
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I avoid Sherpa because it mats in the wash and gets cat hair stuck in it. But “micro plush” also called “minky” is divine. Amazon has micro plush pants and rompers such as the “Just Love Women's Plush Pajama Pants”
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I splurged last year on the free people “hit the slopes salopette” and it’s basically an oversized fleece overalls and I think they are pretty darned cool. I haven’t worn them yet this year but I hate dressing gowns and when I saw them I thought: I must own those!!!!! I’m 5’4 and slim… I got a medium which are a little too big and then got a small and they are better looking on me and still roomy but less baggy. They are extremely well made and I see that they have new colors this year. It was worth the price and ordering from America. Edit to add: they are very thick
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Best answer: A different solution, but I wear long john bottoms as a second skin in winter, and find that to be more effective than thicker pants.
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Best answer: The fleece/plush jogging bottoms not withstanding - nthing thermal underwear. I have a few silk long johns, the kind of thing one might wear under a ski suit. And I wear them under normal work trousers. They are extremely light/don't add any bulk, they are made of material that won't cause the outer layer to cling. And most importantly, they make a significant difference to how warm I feel on cold days - both out and about and sat at my desk.

I also have some thermal vests and long-sleeved tops to wear under my first layer. Theory being that every little helps.
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I would check (the men's section of) Uniqlo.

To this American, the counterpart of a sweatshirt (hoodie) are sweatpants. I believe you would call them tracksuit bottoms. Alternatively, snow/ski pants are specifically designed to go over pants, but may not be super cozy.

It also sounds like you may be interested in an insulated skirt. (There's also the potential for a DIY approach).
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Best answer: I got these Uniqlo heattech lined joggers which are quite thick (thicker than regular track pants) and very warm. Just size up if you want easy to wear over other things.
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In search of a similar kind of warmth, I just ordered these pants--I have not received them yet, but I'm very hopeful. It appears they do ship to the UK.
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