Why don't my posts show up in Instagram hashtags?
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I have an Instagram account. My posts have stopped appearing in hashtags. What have I done to upset The Algorithm?

This is a fandom-focused account and I would like my posts to be visible under one particular hashtag, which gets about a handful of new posts each day.

My first few posts appeared and still appear in the hashtag, but since 3 weeks ago, none of my new posts have appeared. Not in this hashtag, not in larger more active tags, not in smaller tags, and not in unique tags that I've made up either.

The account is about 2 months old, has been interacting in a normal way (following people, under 100 total, gaining a few followers, watching stories, posted a few stories and made 6 posts of its own - not spamming, not doing anything that I would consider suspicious!). I put between 2 - 5 relevant tags on each post. There's no community guidelines flags on my account, or anything else that seems to be wrong, other than the fact that my posts don't show.
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Are you definitely viewing the hashtag in a way that shows you all/most recent, and not just the view that shows you the 'top' posts under that hashtag?
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Response by poster: Yep, from the Recent view of the hashtag, I can scroll and find posts from directly before and directly after my post. None of my 3 most recent posts are showing, while my previous ones are all there.
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Have you viewed the hashtag from an InPrivate (or similar) browser window, to see if it shows up for others but not you?
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Response by poster: Very interesting, NotMyselfRightNow... When I check from any of my 3 IG accounts, on app or browser, the posts aren't in the hashtag. When I check from an incognito browser, logged out, I can see them there.

I had a friend check too, and she cannot see the post when she's logged in to her account. So it's not appearing to logged in people...?

This is a weirder problem than I thought it was. I'll duck out to prevent a thread-sitting situation, but welcome any further thoughts and ideas of things to try.
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