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My brother is visiting and mentioned he’s been trying to remember a movie we supposedly watched when we were kids with our dad. Details within.

He only remembers one scene in the movie, but believes the scene recurs several times throughout the movie. The camera is looking at a bathroom stall when a man walks in, sits down, (most important detail) fastens a seat belt, and then experiences explosive diarrhea. That’s it. For context, he believes the movie was a series of sketches similar to Kentucky Fried Movie, which explains both why it’s all he remembers and why it could recur several times. He doesn’t think the shot included the man’s face, so there’s few other details to provide.

My dad didn’t exactly understand what media was appropriate for children, so it was probably R rated. My brother remembers watching it at our dad’s first apartment after our parents divorced, which puts the viewing date between 1987 and 1990. He gets the sense that it was made earlier than that, though. It seems weird to say that my dad had highbrow taste in movies considering we’re talking about a scene involving comic shitting, but I guess we could frame it as “underground” taste. At least by 80s standards. We watched a lot of art house-type movies he read about in the local alt-weekly.

The seat belt is the key detail. Both my brother and I can think of numerous scenes involving crapping, but this one was memorable to him because of the seat belt.
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Could it have been The Groove Tube? It was similar to Kentucky Fried Movie and came out at around the same time.
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