reminiscent of a futon couch, but easier to move
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Any ideas (photos of examples/ideas, woodworking plans, just thoughts) for building a simple (or complex) sofa, easier to move than a futon, with removable cushions, that's also very comfortable? Example: I'm exploring the world of innerspring crib mattresses. Looking for: above-average comfort; easy to move/disassemble; back slopes slightly (not straight up-and-down) like a sofa.

Current thoughts (these don't all have to be matched):

Cushion mounting: Don't want to be adjusting cushions all the time, and don't want to be looking at a bunch of pillows that slump and look tired. Getting the cushions to stay on and orderly is part of why this is challenging.

Disassembles: I have and love items that disassemble into smaller pieces for moving and/or storage. This is awesome.

Space-efficient: Maybe it's multiple big storage boxes underneath (storage) and somehow they connect and a back attaches at an angle -- and the whole thing is durable. Or maybe not - this is a "would be nice" idea.

Easy to keep clean / safe for pets: There are designs out there (otherwise unsuitable) that use multiple 2x4s stacked with many many gaps between the boards -- that would be impossible to dust.

Depth: I considered a daybed type thing -- twin mattress as the sofa seat -- and I'm shying away from the extra footprint. Twin=38" front to back; crib=28" front to back

Width: I want it nap-sized (so, ~6' seating area, although I could fit something slightly smaller if there were other benefits). Larger would be hard to fit into a room. Would be helpful if the arms were not giant-sized.

Arms: I like nice padded sofa arms, but am considering doing without for simplicity. Probably I can add arms to any design.

Material: Wood, fabric, cushiony stuff; metal furniture is too likely to gouge things or cut into things (including people). I can also use metal cable -- have the tools/hardware for that. Open to doing webbing.

Grommets? Maybe I could make a back cushion that hooks onto something in the back and drapes up and over to the front.

Speed: I have a miter saw and other tools; would like to be able to do this in half a day (excluding cushions).

Things I've already found: a few "12 DIY sofa ideas" articles. Maybe you know one that is specifically for experienced woodworkers, really awesome beautiful design, above-average emphasis on comfort, or takes five minutes if you get a free used restaurant stove off Craigslist (or something) -- otherwise, it would be awesome if y'all could find a specific sofa that has some of these harder-to-find features.

Why now? I'm disassembling a large wooden structure in my house, so I need to use or get rid of a bunch of lumber. Also, I have no couch and really miss having one (my old ones gave me headaches).

Sofa! Or couch! Or divan! Say it however you want! Thank you creative thinkers!
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Futons are routinely available on craigslist. I have a fancy wood-frame one, but the seat and back are very sloped when it's a sofa and not as comfortable as I'd like. The other is a cheap metal-frame version that is more comfortable. Both are good beds for company. In my old camper, the couch back is wedge-shaped foam, which works well.
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I’ve been adding cushions to a high-framed daybed to make it a couch. Dense foam arm and back cushions with an angled front face stay put, are comfy to lean against, and were still easy to upholster. (doodling) Doesn’t use any more space than tilting the frame, which then can’t go right next to a wall.

Or maybe a Knole sofa? Note that the Wikipedia article uses a cabinetmakers dissection as an illustration; those sofás have been fashionable off and on for a while now, plenty of instructions.
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Best answer: Camping couches/crash pads as inspiration? Crash Pad Couch by Metolius; pictures of slotting pieces
Storage sofa w/sloping back, other DIY sofas at Ana White's website
This Folding Flat Pack Plywood Sofa is hinged to form the back slope
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Best answer: The folks at HomeMade Modern have lots of different fun DIY sofa how-to videos that use all kinds of cheap, accessible materials.
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