Where to eat dinner today in London with kids near the London Eye?
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We are going to the London Eye this afternoon for a treat and want to eat really well afterward in a place with great atmosphere that actually has availability-- with 2 kids. It is a treat so fancy is OK if kid-friendly. Walking distance would be great but can also take bus or Tube. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Duck and Waffle has a really delicious menu for both adults and kids, feels fancy but accessible and not stuffy, and looks like they might have some tables to book online for late afternoon if you jump on it pretty quick. It's a 45 minute walk from the London Eye, mostly along the river (so lots of stuff to see) or a 30 minute tube or bus ride.

The lift to the restaurant is super fun, your kids will love it. The only thing to note is that the dress code is "smart casual". I was wearing jeans and an ordinary jumper and it was fine, and some people were definitely scruffier than me, but just wanted to mention in in the exceedingly unlikely case that your whole family is in matching pajamas for the day or something 😅
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Response by poster: Ah that's a great suggestion -- looks like it's booked. But bookmarking it for another time as the kids would love it!
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I haven't been there for a while but the Oxo Tower restaurant has a good reputation, great views, and is a pleasant 10-15 minute walk along the river.
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Go a little bit further east along the river than Oxo Tower & you get to Tate Modern which has a couple of places to eat. Upstairs is fancier.

If you head in that direction, you’ll also pass Gabriel’s Wharf along the way, which has a few options. Even before that, there are several different places beside / around / under the Royal Festival Hall.

Very hard to go wrong on that stretch of the river - it’s a lovely walk & many, many places to stop. Follow your nose.

ETA: there’s Borough Market too, a few minutes further along
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I love Tas, which has a few places in London; turkish food in my experience tends to have enough variety that there's something to appeal to children. https://tasrestaurants.co.uk/the-cut-restaurant/ is the closest to the London Eye
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Cannon Fodder beat me to it. Tas!
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Probably a little too late, but London Eye is almost opposite the river and a 15 min walk from the foodie galore that is Covent Garden/ Soho. You can walk across the pedestrian-only bridge to Embankment. So many choices there, but for last minute availability (tricky!), there is:

- Din Tai Fung
- Big Easy BBQ and Crabshack
- Eat Tokyo
- Homeslice
- Seven Dials Market, which has an abundance of choice

I'm of opinion that kids can eat anything (mine do!) so not sure what 'kid-friendly' would comprise of. Most of these places would have high chairs if that's what you mean.
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