Trick out a CPAP
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Good Xmas gifts for a new CPAP user?

The CPAP user in question will appreciate this and not feel singled out.
Specifically - is there a good pillow that works for side sleeping with the mask on?
But other gadget suggestions are welcome too.
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The most scent free baby wipes that you can get. They help keep the mask clean day to day and can be used on the face, too.

If they have long hair, some loose ponytail holders or even a scrunchie that is comfortable enough to lay on. I have a "for her" style mask where the back of the strap splits and I can pull my hair though it. I just leave my hair loose in it but some people might want a holder.
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You can get a hose cozy, basically a long tube of thick fabric that fits over the hose. I really like mine.
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If you're willing to splash out bit, a backup CPAP battery would be a great gift if this person doesn't have one. They can be expensive and they're the sort of thing you don't really know you need until the first time you sleep through an overnight power outage because your CPAP just keeps rolling merrily along on auxiliary power.

They might generally have some trouble learning to sleep with it on, so maybe also just some general things that make sleeping pleasant/easy without being specifically about the CPAP, like - cozy pajamas or bed socks, an eye mask, a white noise machine?
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these soft covers for the face straps are wonderful (apologies for the ridiculous gendered versions eyeroll...)
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The hose cozy is necessary if you have pets who like to chew plastic. Make sure you install it with the zipper away from the face end, or it might rattle and annoy.
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What made a big difference for me was having an elevated arm to rest the hose on so I don't wake up because of "Princess and the Pea" syndrome (i.e., with the hose digging into my shoulder blades because I rolled over on it).

The one I use is actually a repurposed GoPro gooseneck mount that clips onto the edge of my nightstand. It holds the hose up high enough so that I don't end up with it under me. I just looked at it one day and thought "This'll work..."

There are various purpose-built ones like this on the market. Some models are free-standing, and some can be mounted on a nightstand or attached to a headboard.
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Hose cozy. Two sets of face strap covers (so they can have one in the wash) - you need to know which mask they're using for that, so you might also think about a gift certificate.

For pillows, it's a slightly odd choice (and not for everyone), but I have a buckwheat pillow on top of a regular fluffy one (for height). It lets me smush the bit my head is resting on out of the way with the mask and readjust on the fly.

Something to hold the hose in a comfortable place is good - I use a 3M command hook with a velcro cable management tie looped around and through the metal hook (keeps the weight of the hose from dragging off the bed and toward the machine) but there are things you can get to slip under the head of the bed, etc.
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A small stool to hold the machine up off the floor, yet lower than the user's head. (This helps prevent condensation in the line that causes noises and moisture in the mask called "rainout," which sucks.)

Hose sock helps with this, too.
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I use a pillow like this which is great for side-sleeping. Including two pillow cases for it would also be helpful (because other cases don't work and having two avoids laundry emergencies.)
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Lay in a nice backup supply of the distilled water, because it's annoying having to hunt for it in the store.
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Possibly a dry mouth gel - oracoat xyligel is the favorite around here.
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