A useful gift in cute clothing
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I think I've cracked the code for my office White Elephant, coming up in a month: people really love a useful household item that is much, much more adorable than the version of that item they already own. In particular they like when that item is made to look like something cute (vs. just decorated cutely). How should I dominate the game this year?

Popular gifts last year included snail-shaped soap dispensers and a Loch Ness Monster-shaped tea infuser. (I don't think any of my coworkers are Mefites but if those sound familiar to you please stop reading to avoid spoilers.) Under consideration: a set of measuring spoons that looks like a potted cactus, mouse-shaped cheese knives, bat-shaped wine opener. What else? There's a particular love in the office for cryptids and trash animals (like possums). We have overlapping but occasionally wildly divergent pop culture tastes so I'd rather stick with things everyone enjoys like plants, animals, and monsters. The official limit is $20 but for purposes of this question I'd go to $35 or so, especially since it would be a nice bonus if the gift was decent quality.
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I love having a pair of Toucan shears on my fridge. Unfortunately the eyes fall off after a year or two.
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Best answer: Ototo is the motherlode for this sort of thing!
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I ordered these fish designed measuring spoons for my office gift exchange in 2020 - cost is right on target at $18.61. Here are some more from the same company.
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Dino-shaped ladle!
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I love my cow sponge holder because I need all the reasons to smile I can think of when I’m doing dishes. if your preference is to buy in person/local you can get it, or a bunch of other animal choices, at the Kitchen Kapers location in Center City.
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Nthing Ototo—my household is OBSESSED with this funnel, which is cute and also really well designed and works great!
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Ravioli spoon rest. Check out Fred—it’s great for this stuff.
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There are also Loch Ness Ladles if you'd like to continue the theme.
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Cryptid drinking glasses?
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Angry Microwave Cleaner Lady?
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Maybe this is a bit more highbrow than you're seeking, but we have one of these cast iron crow bottle openers and it always makes me smile when I see it on our windowsill.
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Best answer: I love my hedgehog tape dispenser
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Also Nthing Otato. We have this monster strainer and it is the best thing ever - It’s a colander! It’s a hat!
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The squirrel rice paddle is the perfect fusion of form and function - the feet hold the paddle off the counter even.

Just in case the price ever drops on a holiday, the ultimate answer would be the Hello Kitty Toaster. I have an older, rounder version and it is a fantastic appliance that just happens to leave Hello Kitty's face as an inverse imprint on every slice.
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Best answer: You can buy things like the toucan shears directly from Kikkerland!
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Tricerataco holders
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True makes corkscrews in animal shapes. We have the fox.
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Best answer: Nth Ototo, and also, the Corkatoo. (Amazon link, but you can find it elsewhere).
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Metal bird scissors
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Leaf-shaped serving spoon.
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Ototo, absolutely. I can't believe nobody has yet highlighted their Spaghetti Monster range.
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Pylones has some pretty adorable kitchen things in your price range.
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Calamityware has nice dishes; whenever I buy stuff through them I add on little gift exchange things as long as I’m ordering.
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You probably don't need a utility knife that looks like a whale, but it'll look cute in your kitchen.
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I came in to suggest the Cockatoo shaped wine opener linked above, but see it with the foil cutter out for full effect.
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I have the vampire garlic crusher; it's hella cute.
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Bird-shaped dish sponges, complete with a little stick that you suction-cup to the inside of your sink so they can "perch" and dry out. (I saw this in a gift shop a year ago and was THISCLOSE to getting them.)
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I like the cat shaped kitchen sink scrub thing. There are other fun shaped scrubbies on the jetz-scrub website...
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egg whisk

another egg whisk
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Sheep or reindeer shaped coasters. (Looks like the reindeer also come with alternate ears that make them into sheep, but they're more reindeer-y to me with the snowflake coasters...)

Linking to AliExpress even though I'm sure they've yoinked the design off somewhere else, because I couldn't trace the original source of the design, alas. Searching only found me resellers of the AliExpress version.
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I own this brass chameleon tape measure, which I think is seriously the cutest thing ever. I will say that it was originally made by coppertist.wu which is where I got it, and which has other cool , but they don't seem to make it anymore, and so the Amazon ones are knockoffs of unknown quality. But it is an awesome tape measure.
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Not quite the same area, but I love these rainbow pencils and always rather wanted the planet push pins (though they’re over budget).

This pirate corkscrew remains one of my favourite kitchen gadgets, and there are an awful lot of other cool things on the Suck UK site.
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I have and love this nesting set of Matryoshka measuring cups, which are handy as a space-saver and something you can leave out on a shelf to access easily.
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Seconding stuff made by Fred; their items are practical, well-made, and whimsical.

(By the way, I also love their matryoshka measuring cups.)
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