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I am waiting for a delievery that is currently held up at the polish-belarussian border. It is on a train and I got a note from customs, but as it is in polish I have no idea what it says. I tried to google translate it but it is not clear to me. Can you have a quick look and tell me the gist of it? Text below the fold.

This is my transcript of the relevant part of the inspection notice:

Na podstawie obowiazujacych przepisow prawa uprawniajacych do przeprodowadzenia kontroli
ceino-skarbowej polecam dokonac rozladunku towaru przewozonego srodkiem transportu
o numerach rejestracyjinych oraz przygotowae do
kontrolidokumenty zwiazane z przewozonym towarem. Utrudnianiz wykoania kontroli
zagrazone jest sankejami karnymi.

The original is here [image removed by mods as it contains personally identifiable information].
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Best answer: I'm sure someone with better Polish will be along soon, but I read it as:

"Under the regulations/laws relating to inspection of goods for tax and customs purposes, I recommend you unload the goods being transported in vehicles with registration numbers (redacted)/(redacted) and prepare the required documents with the transported goods.
Deliberately making it hard to inspect goods is a criminal offence."

Not legal advice, but I think they are not satisfied with whatever has been declared to customs and want it unloading to a customs warehouse. Sounds like a headache, sorry.
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Basically what samj said. Customs wants to inspect whatever it is.
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"polecam" in this context means "I order [you to]" not :"I recommend". Otherwise see above.
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Thirded, and also please redact Daniel's passport number, the combination of that number and full name can be used for identity theft. The information below the signatures are legal acts that are the basis of the powers of the customs service in Poland.
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