A few simple words into polish, please.
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So I shipped a couple of cars to Poland and they didn't make it in one piece. Now it's time to work with the insurance company. I need a few words translated into Polish for a Vehicle Rating Chart: "Vehicle Description", "Annual Miles", "Number of Years Principal Driver Licensed", "Vehicle Usage" (What the vehicle is used for), "Zip Code", "Discounts Applied", "Number of Years Secondary Driver Licensed". Can anyone fluent in Polish translate these for me? Dziekuje!
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Mr. Listener speaking. I can't do all of those, but I can do some. Here goes.

"Vehicle Description"
Opis pojazdu.

"Annual Miles"
Mile rocznie.

"Vehicle Usage"
Przeznaczenie pojazdu.

"Zip Code"
Kod pocztowy.

I hope this helps a bit. Polish is my first language, but I'm just not familiar with some of these technical terms.
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One of my coworkers speaks pretty good Polish. He moved to the U.S. from Poland in his teens. He says that Listener's answers look right. Also:

"Number of years principal driver licensed"
numer lat glowny kierowca posiada prawo jazdy

"Discounts applied"
Znizki Wliczone
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