Atlanta cricket virgin seeks experienced partners.
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When I move back to Atlanta this summer, I'd like to learn how to play cricket. What do I do?

I've never played cricket but I'm a good athlete in fine shape (if I do say so myself). I played baseball in high school and I've played softball since. The point is, I like bat and ball games but I'd like to branch out. What opportunities exist in Atlanta for a cricket virgin?
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i entered "antlanta georgia cricket" in google, and this is the first result:
(not trying to be snarky.. at least, not much ;) )
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Yeah. I got that, too. I was hoping somebody on here might have some non-internets related information about cricket in Atlanta. In other words, does anybody play or know somebody who plays?
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Hang out at / near / with Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech students. Or students from GSU or Emory. There are quite a few Indian and Pakastni (and a few Bagladeshi) students. They love cricket and have equipment -- at least balls at bats.

Check it yo.
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I guarantee there's a place in Atlanta where all the East Indians go and play. Here in Seattle, they play on Saturdays and Sundays in Marymoor park, very casual pick-ups and I have been invited to play many times (never gone, though).
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Hook up with any Brits, Aussies, New Zealanders, Pakistanis, Indians, Sri Lankans or South Africans you can find.

And congratulations on having such great taste. Cricket is the best bat and ball game ever devised.
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Oh yeah.. and West Indians. I have no idea how I could have forgoitten them (This is a mean in-joke for cricket fans)
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