Is it possible to get tickets for a cricket match at The Oval in London?
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I really want to get two tickets to the third day of the third test between England and Pakistan at the Oval (in London). The only tickets on public sale are in the premium section at £100ish each. Any cricket fans know if there's likely to be another release of tickets nearer the time, or whether there's any other legitimate avenue for buying tickets?
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Best answer: I go to tests fairly regularly and there in't normally a second release of tickets. That's not to say there won't be, but I've not come across it at the Oval before.

There will be ticket agencies with some but they will be waaaay over priced. There will also be returns on the day, but have I've never tried to buy one, only returned some un-wanted ones, so don't know what the procedure it.

You can also try a tout outside if you're desperate, but depending on the game, and given that it has sold out, they too will be over priced. Plus, you'll be supporting the scum of the earth.

Basically, the £100~ish ones are your best bet
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They often hold some back for sale on each the day of the match. It could be worth just turning up if its not a sell out.
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Kenchie that's normally only for day 5
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice - maybe I'll splash out!
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fatfrank I've got in on a Saturday before - you have to get there early
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A cheaper option, you could subscribe to SkyPlayer for £35 for a month and watch online!
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