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Where can I buy good leather beltstraps?

I'm a confirmed belt-wearer. To date, I have only worn belts with the buckles that came on them. I feel like I'm ready to move to a custom belt-buckle solution, but I can't seem to find a source of beltstraps other than the Yahoo! stores that turn up when you google beltstraps. Nothing wrong with Yahoo! stores, but I'm hard on belts (read: fat), so cheap ones that will split into plies are not what I'm looking for. I'm pretty dull, so ornate patterns are not my cup of tea, either. Sturdy leather is all I ask.
Tell me, pudgy belt-customizers: where do you get good beltstraps (or, for that matter, belts that come with a buckle, but have those snaps so you can take that buckle off and replace it)?
Hell, while you're at it, what's the coolest belt buckle you've seen lately?
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i would recommend Tandy Leather, you can get belts up to and including gun belt thickness.
posted by quin at 12:35 PM on April 22, 2006

More specifically this is the page i think you will want.
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And best belt buckle? Gotta be the nerdtastic LED buckle.
posted by quin at 12:48 PM on April 22, 2006

I like Lucky Brand belts. The link goes to the buckle-less plain straps, but they have a variety of belts that come with removable buckles, as well as individual buckles. (Which, at the moment, are nightmarishly gaudy, but sometimes they have lovely stuff.) The belts themselves are high quality.

If you live anywhere near a Lucky store, I recommend going there instead of using online ordering. Nice products, but their online store is infuriatingly unreliable.

I feel compelled to add that although the LED buckle is super cute, its construction is not very sturdy and the thin metal bar is likely to get deformed and/or break if the belt is regularly strained.
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