HowTo: filter out other towns with same name on Craiglist
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Is there a way I can make craigslist useful again by filtering out the dozen other towns in the USA with the same name as mine?

I live in a town with a name that is shared by over a dozen other cities and towns throughout the USA. I would like to use craigslist to look locally for housing, things for sale, etc, but every time I see something I want to click on it's a crapshoot because there's a pretty good chance that whatever the interesting thing is, is on the other side of the country in one of the other Townsvilles (not the actual name).

There's 3 "main" cities with this name and all 3 are about 40k-50k in population and it seems they all kind of bleed over into each other on craigslist.
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Um... you're making sure to go to the correct regional Craigslist, right?
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Response by poster: > you're making sure to go to the correct regional Craigslist

As best as I can tell, yes. If I go to the base and let it detect my location, it puts me out to and it lists all the correct neighboring towns. I think the issue is the listers in the other towns are posting their listings in the wrong subdomain, but I don't know if there's really a way to correct that, so I figured I'd ask.
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Best answer: What about filtering your searches to only show results within 100 miles of your zipcode?
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In my experience, some regional craigslists are useable, and some are not.
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There’s not since they’re accidentally posting to your city. The best you can do is use a custom user styles plugin to hide location descriptions (zips, area codes, neighborhoods) that are from other towns.
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Response by poster: aubilenon's suggestion helped the most. it's still problematic but it cuts down on some misposts. thanks, everyone!
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