Where can I get a single custom iron-on patch created for a reasonable p
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Where can I get a single custom iron-on patch created for a reasonable price?

My family has taken to visiting some provincial parks and conservation areas this summer. Each of the provincial parks had a unique iron-on badge and we've collected them from parks we visited. I plan to put them on a nice blanket with the dates we visited them. The conservation areas in my province do not have badges available, but I've created a simple image that I would like to get made into an actual badge. I'd like to find a place to get it printed (not sure if that's the right word?). I contacted someone on Etsy who said it would be $50+. I'm hoping there might be a cheaper option available somewhere. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
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If you really mean an iron-on transfer, and not an embroidered type of patch, then your cheapest option will be to make it yourself. You can buy special iron-on paper to print on (either inkjet or laser printer, both types are available, but not interchangeable). Then just iron it on a piece of white fabric or felt and cut it out. You're done. Here in Europe most copy shops have that paper in stock, so you could just show up with your design and have it printed for you.

If you do mean an embroidered patch, then... it's not going to be cheaper than $50. It's very labor-intensive to digitize the design, and the machines are expensive.
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It's been ages since I've been to a mall, but last time I went there was a guy who did custom embroidery on hats. He had a computer controlled embroidery machine, and took your artwork. Although he did ball caps, he probably wouldn't have a problem making a patch.

No idea on cost, sorry.
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quick follow up, I searched "custom embroidered patch" on Etsy, found a few folks doing it for between $10-20.
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One more look and I found my local library has a "Bernina 535 Sewing Machine with embroidery module."

Maybe a library near you has one.
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I've ordered from this seller and been very happy with the results. I had TTC logo patches made from an image.
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Most Fablab will have an automated sewing and embroidery on site. If you already have the digital file this would be your cheapest option, and you'd get to learn a new skill!
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