SF restaurants with real outdoor patios
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I often have to visit San Francisco for errands. After completing the errand I used to enjoy having a nice meal, but because of reasons I can only do that at places that have actual-dactual patios, not the "tables on the sidewalk" setup, preferably with heaters. Suitable places are really hard for me to find though and last time I was there I just had to slink home hungry because I couldn't find a single place to eat. Could you suggest some places I could try?

Don't worry about price, location, cuisine, or anything other than how nice their outdoor seating situation is. Thank you so much!
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Fable, Zazie, Ragazza, Umma, Foreign Cinema
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Went for lunch this summer at Perry’s on the Embarcadero, was a really nice patio setup. Basic food, and seems to be a local chain, but the view is nice.
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So, I guess that technically the outdoor seating at Cotogna is on the sidewalk, but it's set into permanent (?) structures that have beautifully built benches, a roof, gorgeous plants, and lighting. It's really worth checking out.

The Ferry Building has gorgeous outdoor seating. The restaurants there have changed some, but there are several options.
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P.S. I forgot to say that the places I mentioned also have sidewalk dining, but there are patios in the back, in case you're wondering when you show up...
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- Stable Cafe - beautiful patio, but brunch/lunch only
- Blue Plate
- Arbor
- El Techo if a rooftop counts
- Starbelly - somewhat covered patio
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Response by poster: Rooftops count yes thanks!
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Gotts Roadside (counter service) in the Ferry Building is great, I love their ahi poke tacos. Tons of outdoor seating. Also the burgers and fries are good. Looks like they also have a SoMa location.

The Grove (also counter service) has great salads and sandwiches and such, check out their Yelp page to determine if that's actual outdoor seating enough for you.

Barcha's rooftop is nice, also a good place for drinks/happy hour.

I haven't actually eaten at Uno Dos Tacos, it's a very popular happy hour spot near my office, but they have plenty of outdoor seating. (BTW the address is on Market but the entrance is on the corner of Stevenson and 2nd.)
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Oh forgot about the lovely patio at The Magic Flute, great brunch (dinner is probably also good).
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Bernal Star, Tacolicious (it's alley-shaped but still a fully outdoor patio). Can you do food parks? Alemany Farmers Market if you're there at the right day/time, SPARK Social & Parklab Gardens.
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Zeitgeist (more of a gravel lined beer garden); Good Good Culture Club has a rooftop; Prubechu is 100% a patio.
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I enjoyed the patio dining at this place recently and didn’t even realize it was part of a hotel until I used their restroom: https://www.argonauthotel.com/fishermans-wharf-seafood-restaurants/ (Blue Mermaid Restaurant). a few other places nearby also have patio dining that look onto the same space.
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