Did I see someone using some sort of posture alarm while running?
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This was my experience this morning: I'm cycling, and I see this guy running, opposite direction to me. He has a cap on, and on top of the cap was what (at first) I thought was a light. Then I thought maybe it was a camera. Then as he got closer I thought it was a donut, like maybe an orange cream filled or something. then as I got closer I heard very regular beeping that I'm pretty sure was coming from the not-donut. And then I couldn't tell what it was, apart from it was orange and about 2 inches tall, maybe cylindrical or donut-shaped. My best guess is that it was some sort of device to help him regulate head/posture, kind of like "teach kids to walk while balancing books on their head". Google is not helping. Can the hivemind suss this out?
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Is it this Lynx Tempo Trainer?

Could be training for a marathon and he's using that device to sync his running rhythm to keep a constant pace.
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please be a falcon fuck hat
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Maybe a DIY owl (or hawk) deterrent?
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