That’ll hang, Pig
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Literally the only space for my chalkboard pig is on the front of my 10-year-old chest freezer. How can I attach it? (Don’t care about permanently affixing something to freezer. Thanks!
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If you don't mind it being a bit wobbly, "Command Hooks" might do a good job. I'm sorry that's an Amazon link, nicer to get them from your local hardware store.
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How heavy is it? I'd definitely try command hooks - possibly multiple depending on the weight.
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Have you plugged both materials into This to That?

It's a single-purpose website that tells you what kind of adhesive to use to attach any two materials together.
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Screw extra strong magnets into hangers on the back of pig. Some magnets are threaded. And short screws and a washer if needed. Your local hardware store can also help find parts that are compatible. You might also just be able to use extra strong magnets on fridge/freezer and hook existing hanger string behind them.
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Could you just glue magnets onto the back of the pig to affix it to your freezer instead of hanging it?
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Command strips for picture hanging. Put them directly on the pig rather than using the wire.

The large ones will hold 16 lbs. I used them to hang a huge whiteboard. Set decoration people on film locations which cannot have holes in the wall use them to hang lots of heavy stuff.
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Yeah I would just glue some neodymium magnets to the pig. Obviously glue is not needed if your pig is ferrous.
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That's a nice pig...
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I have nothing to add but I'm moved to express my love for both this pig and the sentence "obviously glue is not needed if your pig is ferrous."
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Magnets would be a great option, but cover them with some soft vinyl or tape so they don't scratch up the surface of the freezer if the pig slides around a little.
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After a time (a few years) command strips will harden up and fall off. Might injure the pig.
I'd go for magnets and epoxy (long setting time is stronger than quick setting).
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100% use heavy-duty silicone mounting tape (aka nano tape). This stuff is amazing. It doesn't use glue. It doesn't leave a sticky film. It can hold heavy items very securely.

(There are cheaper options, but I've linked to the one that I bought previously, because I know it works.)
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