How to switch off the audio in a video recording in an android phone?
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I’m trying to record a working project with my android phone(google pixel to be specific) to send it to someone but don‘t want any outside sounds to be recorded in the video. There is an option for camera shut off sound to be switched off but I don’t see anything to switch off the microphone. Is it possible to do that? If not, what are my options to send the recorded video without the audio? Thanks everyone.
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On my Samsung Android its easy to edit the video after the fact to remove the audio:
Open the video in the Gallery app.
Tap the edit icon (looks like a little pencil for me).
Tap the volume icon on the bottom left.
This brings up a volume slider, slide it to zero.
Tap Save in the top right.

The instructions may differ if you have a different make of Android phone.
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Best answer: I have a Google Pixel 4a and use the google Camera app and google Photos app. If you're using different apps or a different version of Android these instructions might be different.

First, record your video as usual in Camera app. As far as I've learned, there's no way to record without audio there.

Now, open Photos app. Open the video. Tap "edit". In the lower left there's a speaker icon. Tap it, and choose "save copy". Now you'll have two identical looking videos in the index in Photos! Delete the one with audio in it, and then share or otherwise go on to your next steps on the one without audio.

If you don't mind installing an app for this task, you can try Open Camera (google play store) (f-droid). In Open Camera tap the gear to go to settings, choose video settings, and then set "record audio" off. This setting is visible within the app while in video recording mode as a crossed out microphone image. As long as Open Camera is compatible with your phone, these steps should work.
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On my pixel 6 pro stock camera app there's no way to record video without audio, but the answer above is the way to do it. I've added an album with screenshots.
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Response by poster: It works…Thanks a lot.
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