Fat-friendly telehealth doctor (or in San Diego) for covid advice
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I am fat and am having trouble navigating/understanding my covid risk with unclear government guidance. I live in San Diego and would love to find a local fat-friendly/Health At Every Size general practitioner who could provide medical advice to me specific to my needs about what mitigation I need to use, when I can safely travel, etc. But I have had a very hard time finding someone local, so I am also very open to telehealth! Are there doctors who provide this kind of medical advice (and general advice) via telehealth?

I have a somewhat complex medical situation with a few different things going on and I need a kind of overall manager of everything who can help me figure out the best decisions for myself, covid and otherwise.

I have Cigna insurance but am open to paying out of pocket for the right practitioner.

If you know of any doctor who is either local to San Diego or would be able to tele-see me while I am in San Diego, please share. Thank you.
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The California directory at Fat Friendly Health Professionals lists a few San Diego doctors, and, depending on your Cigna coverage, a telehealth visit outside this county but still within the state might not be an out-of-pocket cost.
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There’s also a list of suggested doctors here.
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Memailing you
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