Website builder for locally hosted sites?
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I feel like I should know this already, but - I've got a personal site; it's been in hand-coded HTML and CSS for as long as I've had it. For networking/business reasons, I need to make it look better. I want to use a website builder, but all the builders I'm familiar with are designed to be used with either their own hosting, or with a back-end (e.g. Wordpress). I just want simple HTML/CSS pages I can edit on my desktop. What's good for this?
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RapidWeaver allows you to write in markup and then select a theme to generate the HTML/CSS.
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RapidWeaver is a pretty good choice (if you have a Mac). Alternatively, maybe Bootstrap Studio? As indicated by the name, the resulting HTML and CSS will use the Bootstrap framework, which is both pretty nice to work in and well known and used, so there's a lot of templates available. Studio is cross-platform.
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This is a great question! Another options I've found is Blocs, which works nicely in my so far limited testing (though now I want to try out Bootstrap Studio too, as it seems to be more set up for both easily using blocks and being able to edit code).
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