Looking for Catsitter or Boarding in Denver Area
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Anyone have any recommendations? I'm open to either, will be for about a week in Nov and maybe Dec. I am in the suburbs west of town. My cat doesn't handle travel well though he's young and healthy.
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I book people through Rover.com to set up a dog-sitter as needed and have had great results. They also do cats.

I will send you a $20 off referral link via MeMail.
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Response by poster: Thanks DOT! Do you feel safe having people in your house? That's the part making me nervous.
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It makes me nervous, too. I should have specified: I use the boarding for our doggo, which I tend to conflate with dog-sitting, though I guess they're not the same.

We also use boarding because he's a big anxious goober with separation anxiety and he likes having people around.

They are a pretty reputable site/service, though. You can maybe find someone with plenty of good reviews who drops in on cats and maybe that will ease your mind.

I like how granular you can be with specifications. I look only for places that will hopefully let our dog play with other dogs, but none bigger than him. We also request that they won't let our doggo near cats, because our dog will tumble with a 100 pound Rottweiler but is convinced cats are demonic and will kill him.
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There are a couple of small businesses in my area that set up, bill, and manage pet sitting. They are run by an individual who has their name and face associated with the business, then they connect you with one of their employees/contractors. Then you meet that person, the individual who will be doing the pet sitting, in an unbilled visit before you leave. I think those people are required/expected to send you photos and updates every time they visit.

I've used a service like this a couple of times, and it's always gone very well.

Googling [Denver pet sitting] found this entity, which seems similar to the local one here that I used recently: https://www.denverpropetsitting.com/
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I used https://meowtel.com/ for a cat sitter recently. It looks like they operate in Denver too.

I believe they do a background check and are insured and I went with a woman with good reviews who was fantastic (and who I would recommend to anyone in NYC).

The service communicated with me really well to when I had to make a change.
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I traveled extensively for the 10 years I was based in Denver and can highly recommend Gentle Hearts Petsitting. Great people, 100% reliable, my boys were always healthy and happy when I returned. Their website does say they are not taking new clients over winter holidays but it might be worth calling anyhow - maybe they can squeeze you in.
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