Resort planning and booking for large groups
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One would think that this would be relatively straight forward, but I am in charge of researching and booking a trip to Jamaica for a diverse group of people. Details below.

We are looking to spend 4 days in a resort (resort still TBD) in December. We are flying from the east coast in the US. Our needs:
- 1 room/suite/villa that is big enough for 2 adults + 1 6-year old + 1 1 year-old. Ideally 2 rooms.
- 1 room/suite that is big enough for 3 adults - ideally 2 rooms, or enough space for everyone to have a double bed (1 cot/fold out is ok).

How do I go about this? All the resort websites don't allow me to pick and choose rooms based on the people, and having the children makes things a little more complicated (I think?). Is there a website or service that will book the flight and rooms for us? The more straight forward, the better.

Also, do you have recommendations for a resort in Jamaica that would be fun for both children and adults?
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Is there some reason a travel agent can't be used? You just described pretty much exactly what they do. They deal with travel logistics. They can work within a budget and constraints like how many queen beds are needed in x rooms. They can reccomend resorts in Jamaica at all price levels.

( Went to Jamaica with a group of 4 families that included 11 children. Our solution was to rent a house that included a chef, a driver, a vehicle that could safely handle our 20 people, membership rights at Tyall Club for beach and resort activities, a pool, laundry, etc.

Call a travel agent. Much better than internet research and guessing.)
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I booked a trip to Jamaica for adults only this summer. We used a travel agent, she is wonderful, and her services are free. Happy to provide a specific recommendation if you'd like. She's actually in Jamaica touring resorts as we type!
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Costco Travel will let you pick two rooms and then enter the ages of the travelers, and make recommendations from there. If you need to call, their phone agents are incredibly helpful.
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