Seeking a really good blood pressure monitor + app
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Hello! My friend is recovering from a stroke she had two weeks ago. She takes her blood pressure multiple times per day and wants to set up a system that will automatically record it in a way that's accessible to / shared with family and friends. I imagine this would a combination of some kind of smart device plus an app. The users would be both Android and Apple people. Bonus points for a system that autogenerates charts and can generate alerts.

If there's a bit of a learning curve to setting up the system that's okay, but ideally once it's set up it would be fully automatic, rather than needing someone to e.g., manually share readings. We don't need it to do anything other than record BP (and potentially send alerts when it's too high or low). It should have infinite storage: we don't want it to auto-delete readings. The system only needs to work for one person; we don't need multiple profiles or anything like that.

I'm not sure if there's other information I should be including here, so if you ask questions I'll try to answer them. Thanks for any help you can provide :)
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I've enjoyed my Withings blood pressure monitor. It works with both Android and Apple products.
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There's a system called HelloHeart, but it seems to be available only through employers and health plans.

Apple has this wireless BP cuff in its store. Here it is on Amazon. It has Android support as well, and apparently some kind of WiFi based service from the manufacturer.

There's also this more expensive passive monitoring bracelet. Here's their iOS app reviews. Not sharable.
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(Probably more accurate to say the bracelet doesn't advertise reporting features, while the cuff does; plus the cuff has a web-based interface available, so you could always just share the login credentials versus a phone app linked to your Apple or Play Store account. But if the background monitoring aspect of the bracelet is appealing, then it might be worth asking them if it does automatic reports.)
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The Greater Goods Smart Blood Pressure Monitor 0604 is the best, according to NYT Wirecutter.
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Why not use a smartwatch that registers blood pressure. Then it would be on her all the time. I don't have a specific recommendation.
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Why not use a smartwatch that registers blood pressure.
Smartwatches are not considered accurate enough for clinical use in monitoring blood pressure.
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Newer studies of perhaps newer smartwatches seem more promising.
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