Televised European soccer in NYC.
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Looking for a place to watch the UEFA semifinals near Union Square in NYC.

I'm meeting a Romanian friend in NYC on April 27th. He's a rabid Steaua Bucure┼čti fan and can't bear to miss his hometown team play Middlesbrough in the UEFA semifinal match (Thursday 4/27, 3PM). I haven't been to NYC since 2001 and I don't even know where to find a sports bar, let alone one showing a Romanian soccer game. We're staying at the Union Square Inn on 14th between 2nd and 3rd. Any ideas where to go?
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It's really funny you are by Union Square because I think the only place in the city that shows games is right there. There is a football (soccer) bar on third avenue right right by the Loews cinema and the Yummy House (great, cheap Chinese restaurant). I forget what it's called, but they have a big tv in there. I think it's like 12th street and 3rd avenue or something like that. you'll see it.
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i used to watch games there all the time when i lived in new york, but haven't been there in a year, so you might want to check to see it's still there. pretty sure it would be though.
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There's a German bar called Zum Schneider on Ave C and 10th street... not exactly Union Square, but they always have games on, and a pretty intense soccer crowd (not to mention great beer and free pretzels).
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Nevada Smith's?
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Are you sure that there is an American channel that will transmit the game? I don't remember seeing UEFA Cup games in the ESPN/ESPN2 listings.
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Sorry, I forgot about satellite providers, like DirecTV. My mistake.
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There's a place on 12th Street, just east of A, which has fairly large televisions that are *always* showing soccer. It's not Union Square, but it's walkable.
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Don't think of it as a Romanian football game, think of it as a British football game, so it shouln't be so obscure. The larger Irish pubs show a lot of games but they're a little uptown. Phone The Hairy Monk at 25th & 3rd, Scruffy Duffys at 8th and 46th or Kennedys on 57th street and ask if they'll be showing the match. If they say no, chances are someone there will be able to tell you who will be screening it.
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Nevada Smith's is the bar I was thinking of on 3rd. They will definitely be showing the game.
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dame is also thinking of Nevada Smiths's
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Actually, I wasn't. The place I'm thinking of is on 12th and A and is much nicer.
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A company called Setanta has the rights to broadcast most non ESPN/non Fox Soccer Channel football matches in the US. Be prepared - they (Setanta) often charge a door fee to watch these matches. Looking at the site - it does look like they are planning on broadcasting this game in North America. If you use their location finder on their site it will at least give you a list of bars by zip who might be showing this match.
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oops, sorry dame. read west of A, not east. my bad.
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How ironic. In my position where I work, I'm the guy who uplinks Setanta for the CONUS. Maybe I'll just pack a dish and set top box with me.

Thanks everyone for the tips.
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