What act of kindness/anything that made you smile instantly?
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I woke up after a bad dream and saw this post on Reddit. It immediately changed my mood. What act of kindness or anything that you have seen/heard/or experienced that made you smile instantly?
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Guy gives fly ball to kid
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I just finished Eleanor Davis' graphic novel You & A Bike & A Road, and her depiction of the kindness showed to her by bike-loving strangers in Alpine, TX at a low moment in her cross-country tour made me smile.
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My cat, especially when she is either playing by herself or running around for no apparent reason.
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I will use this as an excuse to share my favorite poem by Robert Frost, which both encapsulates this feeling and also gives me the same feeling every time I read it.

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

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Bubs and Zade, two kids from different towns, were staying in the same hotel while their teams played each other in the Little League World Series. They became fast friends. During a game, Bubs, a pitcher, lost control of a pitch and hit Zade squarely in the head. The poor kid went down like a sack of potatoes, but was okay in the end. Even so, Bubs felt awful for hitting him and was beside himself. Zade took off his helmet, stopped the game and went to the mound to give his friend a hug, reassure him he was okay, and encourage him to feel better and "keep throwing strikes."

The clip is pretty great.
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Any of the myriad videos I get forced fed when I hit facebook about people saving stray dogs and bringing them back to life. Maybe more tears than smiles, but the end results make me happy.
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I have a long story of MULTIPLE kindnesses here, all stemming from my having experienced a loss of some kind while traveling. Buckle up.

So I planned a weeklong trip to Yosemite for myself. The plan was to fly into San Francisco, pick up a rental car there, and drive to Yosemite. I'd booked one cabin for 3 days in one town near the west gate of Yosemite, and then another cabin for 3 days near the south gate; then I would drive back to Oakland, stay overnight there, and then drop my car back in SF Airport and fly home. I landed in San Francisco fine, picked up my car fine, and was driving to my first cabin. An hour into the trip I got a bit muddled with the directions (this was in the days before I had a phone that could handle Google Maps) and so I pulled into a McDonald's on a highway near Stockton, CA where I figured I could get a cheeseburger and look at the map and get my bearings. I brought in my wallet and keys, and my iPad; but stupidly left my luggage on the back seat. I was only in the McDonald's for 15 minutes - but in that short time, someone broke the window and stole all of my stuff. My clothes, my passport, my travel journal, my laptop, my phone, my camera - all gone.

But that is when things started getting GOOD.

The first thing I did was sprint back into the McDonalds and tell them what happened. The manager called 911 for me. But I had a bunch more calls to make and logistics to sort out, so one of the staff said I could use her phone. I started making calls to the car rental company to get a new car (the window was shot and so I needed a new car), sort out how to get the rest of the way to where I was staying, and figure out how I was going to replace everything. About ten minutes into my calling the staff person joined me at the table, and at one point encouraged me to call my parents and some friends for sympathy. It wasn't until an hour had elapsed that she admitted that she had clocked off an hour previous but didn't want to leave me alone until things were sorted out.

Thanks to her letting me use her phone, I was able to set things up with the car rental company - they would get an Uber to bring me the rest of the way to my AirBnB, and then they would deliver a new car to that place. They asked me to call them when I got to the AirBnB so they could bring the car over - but I didn't have a phone. My cabin was one of three on the property, and the other two were occupied; I knocked on the door to one when I got dropped off, explained my situation and asked if I could borrow a phone. The guy who was there said absolutely, let me vent about my issue and even gave me a shot of whiskey. When the car rental company said that they would have to call back and confirm they could deliver the car that night, he said he would watch the phone and I could go to my own cabin and chill out some. (I remember looking out my window at one point to see him at the end of the driveway standing like a sentry, at watch for the car.) Ultimately the rental company said they would have to wait to deliver the car the next morning, and that I should call in the morning to sort out timing.

My new friend said I could use his phone again in the morning, but warned me he had errands mid-morning so I'd have to surrender his phone back to him at about 10:30. So when the car company said that it wouldn't be until sometime in the afternoon, and asked for a good number to call me, I started explaining that I didn't have a phone. However - the person in the OTHER cabin had come outside and was watering his plants, overheard me and called over, "do you need to use MY phone?"

"YES!" I gave the rental company HIS phone number, thanked him profusely, hung up, returned the first phone to the first guy and introduced myself and told my story to the second guy. He offered me some breakfast, and as we were talking we both realized that one of my work colleagues was one of his best friends from college, so he then adopted me; he gave me directions to the nearest mall so I could replace my phone and my luggage and clothes, he gave me a bag to carry stuff in the meantime (I'd been using a shopping bag from McDonald's), and told me where the AT&T shop was in the mall. He was a hairdresser so he gave me a lot of sample products to replace my toiletries. His mom was coming to meet him so they could go to an art gallery that afternoon, but they both waited with me until the rental company brought me my replacement car. That evening was my last evening in that spot, and we had an impromptu cocktail hour when we each got back from our respective stuff.

And best of all - when I got back to New York finally, there was a voicemail on my phone from a pizza delivery guy in Stockton who'd found one of my bags tossed on the side of a road somewhere. My camera, laptop and phone were gone, but - my housekeys, my passport, my travel journal, my books, and half my clothes were all there. He said he'd brought it to the police station and gave me their phone number, so I could call them to arrange for them to send it back to me.

So thanks to all their kindnesses, a travel disaster turned into something that ended up affirming my faith in people.
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More info on the Blue Jays fan handing a Yankees Aaron Judge home run ball to a 9 year-old Aaron Judge fan. They got to meet Aaron Judge the next day!

This is what happens when you bless people (similar to the Reddit video)

Uber driver helps TikToker who was robbed of her phone, she raises over $250K to help his daughter who has cancer.

Cute adorable kids:

"Apparently" kid

3 year old repeats his affirmations on the way to school

How to talk to a baby

This toddler is METAL
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Totally lame but the person ahead of me had a bumper sticker that said “I hope something wonderful happens to you today!” And it like made me feel so good.
Like some stranger cared enough to use their car real estate to let others know they’re wishing good things for us.
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Response by poster: EmpressCallipygos ,I can imagine how you must have felt going through that vacation.That’s hell of a story!Glad you came home safe and also got your things back.

Thank you all for bringing more smiles into my day.please keep em’ coming.With so much negativity in the world ,we need to keep hearing these stories to increase our faith in the humanity.
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Correct link for How to Talk to a Baby

Forgot to add: 3 year-old's priceless response after mom "ate all his Halloween candy." Most emotionally aware kid ever!
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Miss Cosgrove
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We don’t live in the US but have a connection so celebrate Thanksgiving.

Last year, I got Covid the night before, so party plans with friends were cancelled (and I confined myself to the spare room). Day of, we ordered same-day-delivery groceries in order to do our own dinner — mainly to get turkey — and they arrived late afternoon. Except, inevitably, the turkey breast.

One of our friends got wind, and turned up at our door about an hour later with some turkey she’d rushed out to get for us. It had been a miserable day, but that turned it right around.
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Abdul not only stopped a thief from stealing Steve's bike but waited 4 hours after his shift had ended to ensure that Steve could collect his bike. "The world needs more Abduls"
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I watch Hope for Paws videos. I can't even tell you how many times I've watched the one that sort of pushed them to fame, where they rescue a dog named Fiona.
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One more! Baby porcupine eating a peony
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