Covid in Japan: where to get Paxlovid, and food delivery?
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How can my elderly relative get Paxlovid in Osaka, Japan? Is there a way I can order food delivery for them?

My relative is in her 70s and lives by herself (assume she doesn't have anyone close by with capacity to help her). She has covid, and it sounds bad. I've ordered an oximeter through Amazon JP for her, but I'm hoping more can be done...

1) I understand Paxlovid is available in Japan, but how can she get it? (She is not a citizen but has been a longtime resident with resident status etc, if that makes any difference.) What does she have to do, where does she have to go etc to get it?

2) I don't think she has the energy to cook properly for herself. Is there a way I can order food delivery for her? (Can I do this through Amazon?)
Any recommendations for some sort of food delivery service that I could use or access online would be great. (English-language preferred; assume I don't know any passable Japanese and don't have much energy/time to chase after Japanese-speaking relatives)
She is located in Osaka.

I'd be grateful for any advice/help/recommendations. Thank you in advance!!
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Best answer: I'd log into, then set your browser to English, which you seem to know already. When I lived there, there was 100% fresh food delivery via their website. It was easy enough and pretty fast.

Most prefectures also have some kind of on the ground 'help' or at least they did. This is an English site for Americans and other foreigners It has links out to Japanese sites (use Chrome to translate) as well as a call center with English speakers for help and information.
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Best answer: It sounds like she needs to go to her physician at a hospital to get it prescribed:

Pfizer’s Paxlovid Can Now Be Used Across Japan on In-Hospital Dispensing

It can only be dispensed in-house at hospitals, so you would need to be prescribed within a hospital and receive the drug from the hospital dispensary.

As for food delivery, I'd check with either the JapanLife or Osaka reddit forums for recommendations...
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It is almost time for Japan to wake up and I was thinking of you. Here are some more detailed links. The good thing about Oki is there is a military base there so there will be fair amount of English language resources.

This is prepackaged and chilled food including lunch box and sushi plus a lot else that ships to Okinawa via

This is a Facebook group all about take out, drive thru, and delivery in Oki
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Best answer: I'm presently visiting Japan and I've seen lots of Uber Eats signs in restaurants. Maybe plug her address into the app and see what shows up?
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