In Denver this week, What to do during the day?
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Short-Notice-Travel-Filter: I'm going to Denver tomorrow morning, will be there until Thursday afternoon. Staying in a hotel downtown, looking for recommendation on things to do during the day, thanks friendz!

Things could include: museums, historical landmarks, nice outdoorsy places, unique neighborhoods, good restaurants, good bookstores or other shopping venues for the not-rich American, and, of course, good dispensaries for milady Mary Jane. Other recommendations welcome, as are recommendations for local transit that aren't Uber.

Bonus Round!
I'm going to the Ween/Primus/South Park shows on Tuesday & Wednesday evening. Best options for getting to Red Rocks Amphitheater?

Ultra Mega Bonus Round!!
If you're in Denver and/or going to the concerts and would like to share a cab, a drink, a chat, a meal, or whatever with a socially awkward 45 yr old guy who will also probably be pretty high for most of the time (that would be me) LMK!
(thought about posting the last part to Meta-IRL, don't know if it qualifies tho)
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Denver Art Museum
Denver Botanic Gardens if not too hot
Meow Wolf (a little pricey but an experience~)
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Art museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Museum of Western Art are all downtown.
And everything eyeball said above.

Union Station is a great place to walk around.
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The botanical gardens is wonderful.
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If you enjoy his style of art, the Clyfford Still Museum is a must-see:
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Definitely look at Meow Wolf. Quite an experience.

The Tattered Cover is a popular Denver bookstore. They have a few locations.
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The only iffy bit downtown is that the 16th Street Mall is being renovated, so parts of it are not as easy to access/as good for people watching.

It is hot this week though! Drink water and wear sunscreen or you will get toasted.

There are lots of ways to get to Red Rocks if you google, the difference is mostly what you want to pay for/what kind of service you want (i.e. just a shuttle or Party Bus or limo...)

The Capitol is free to go inside and look around if you are downtown anyway. You can actually go all the way to the top floor but you have to look for that entrance/stair; it has a little history of Denver exhibit up there. Many tourists also like to take a picture on the Capitol steps at the plaque marking exactly one mile above sea level.

(we may have gone back to the Capitol an extra time just because it has nice bathrooms as well)
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nthing meowwolf

blackjack pizza is a local pizza delivery chain that is fantastic, and open late ish iirc.

not a dispensary but the local headshop chain Freaky's has exceptionally good tie dye.
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sie film center, an indy/art cinema is next to tattered cover books. if you don't have indy film access in your hometown, it's a very nice experience.
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You could see about getting a tour of the US Denver Mint. It’s pretty interesting, and there are only six of them in the nation.
Edited to add that it’s quite close to the State Capitol.
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Go check out the galleries and shops on Santa Fe. Spend time with food and coffee and all sorts of shops and people watching in the Baker neighborhood (mostly along Broadway.) Get coffee at Copper Door, Middle State, Huckleberry, or Corvus. Have pizza from Blue Pan, and ice cream from Little Man. Go to The Source. Find a random taco truck. Eat something with green chile. Walk or run or bike along Cherry Creek.
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