It's been a long time (dressing) gown
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Is the shawl collar 'dressing gown' from Cleaver Greene's wardrobe in the recent AU version of Rake as much of an oddity as searches suggest?

I've been looking for something like the shawl-collared 'dressing gown' or other robe pictured here and here and here (as seen on Rake) for some time. The thing is, everything I can find in any kind of paisley or other damask satin or silk like that -- whether full length or more like a smoking jacket -- is inevitably much more constructed, with full lapels and often quilting. (Regular old bathrobes, yes, but that's what I'm hoping to replace.)

Is the style I'm looking for really that unusual, or am I searching for the wrong thing? ('Kimono' results aren't quite right either.)
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Smoking jacket?
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Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?
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Response by poster: Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?

YES. Nice! Preferably in some kind of damask (paisley, subtle striping or dots, etc) and with a little more detailing (like the lapels continuing to the hem and matching the cuffs, with piping) so it doesn't look quite as much like sleepwear -- but that and this one (from the same store) are the closest I've seen. (I probably should have tried restricting Google to AU.)
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I was gonna say, it looks very much like a typical (U.S.) 80s ish men's robe to me. No idea what men's robes look like these days - as an adult, I've (just realized I've) never known men that wore them - so perhaps you might have some success looking for "vintage" items, too?
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Bown of London's Australian shop has a pretty similar lighter weight paisley cotton dressing gown.
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Best answer: Etsy might be a good place to look. Here's some options. Also Paisley. And Brocade.
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Best answer: Expensive but very luxurious and ships worldwide - Baturina Homewear
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Best answer: Example of an eBay store with patterned, shawl-collared "silk satin" robes.
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Best answer: How about these ones from Budd, from £395 in cotton up to £1550 in silk.

Emma Willis also has some nice ones from £458 to £1500.

A man can dream…
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If second hand works, use vintage+rayon in your searches. Very typical light men's robe style from the 1940s-60s.
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Best answer: This Melbourne-based business makes robes from reclaimed and vintage fabrics. Many of the examples they showcase are heavier woollens, but they say they will do a custom job for just a bit more.
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Response by poster: Thank you all very much! I am appreciative, and will probably start with the more affordable and aspire to rest.
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