MLB in Asia
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I'm visiting China (Beijing and Shanghai) and Thailand this summer and fall. However, I'm a baseball fan. Does anyone know of any bars or anywhere where I can see some baseball games? I know soccer is huge everywhere but what is a baseball fan to do?
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In Thailand, every town you're likely to go to will have a tourist strip. There's a lot of little bars that don't get much business and don't last very long, and if you find one with a TV and not many people they'll surely change the channel if you sit around and buy a couple drinks. Any bar worth its salt will have satellite, so you can probably pick up ESPN and ESPN2.
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You didn't ask this and probably don't want to hear it, but you may take this opportunity to follow some of the local sports and teams in your travels. Really getting into the culture is one of the fun things about traveling. Baseball will be there when you get back..., and if it isn't, you have a head start on some other sports!
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For Shanghai you should go to the BIG BAMBOO :132 Nan Yang Lu. It is directly Behind the Portman Ritz-Carlton. I can't tell you the schedule for later in the year, but on Friday this week at 10:00am we got New York Mets vs San Diego, and on Saturday and Sunday at 9:00pm Baltimore vs New York Yankees (replay).
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In Beijing try the Goose and Duck Pub, 1 Bihuju Nanlu, just by the west gate of Chaoyang Park. If they havnt got the game they will know who has. Nice fryups.
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Response by poster: Qwip,

I definitely plan on following as much local sports as possible. But, hell, I'm a Mets fan! And they finally look good again!
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Thanks for asking, I' going to move to Beijing next week and I'll be living not far from the Chaoyang Park!

Go Cubs.
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For Shanghai: Shanghaiist doesn't appear to have any articles about baseball in bars, but they might be able to help if you send them an email. They're a great resource for expat events.

While I agree that it wouldn't hurt to follow local sports, I found I really enjoyed talking to fellow Americans (or hell, anybody who spoke English) while I was traveling in China. I had a hard time adjusting to being in a place where I didn't understand anybody and nobody could understand me, and a sports event at an expat bar would have been a welcome break.
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