where to go to do some good?
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I'm interested in like, traveling and doing some volunteer work. You know, where you go somewhere do some charity work for a week or two, then come home. What organizations arrange these sorts of things?

A girl I knew went on a trip to S.F. to work on a habitat for humanity house, and I think there are some other options as well. What are they and how do I get in contact with them? I'd love to go overseas to the third world or something, but I'm not sure if I could afford it. I'd be happy doing something here in the US, but I'd rather get out of Iowa if that's possible :)

Also, Is there a general term for this kind of trip that I could google?

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Volunteer vacation.
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Ditto on volunteer vacations. Also, if you don't mind organized religion the church, synagogue, mosque or temple of your choice may have info.
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Hmm, I'd really rather avoid religious organizations if possible.
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How far do you want to go out of Iowa?
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Sierra club service trip?
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Hmm, I'd like to something to help other people, rather then animals, and it looks like I'm a bit late for the MGSC think Pollo linked too.

Keep the ideas coming :)
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You might want to try ACORN or Common Ground if you'd like to do work in New Orleans.
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Cross-cultural solutions. Great org, no religion.
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Habitat for Humanity has been sponsoring post-Katrina rebuilding missions to the Gulf Coast region. You can sign up to get e-mail notifications about them from the Habitat web page.
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Earthwatch Institute trips. Okay so it's mostly animals, but not all. There's plants, people, archaeology, history, etc. I did one tagging crocs in a Mexican mangrove study. Man, was that ever worth it.

If you're also interested in trips where you're learning more so than working, and you are interested in politics, history, economics, and international relations, there's Global Exchange Reality Tours.
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VFP is exactly what you're looking for.

You also might like to Google for "international volunteer".
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