Recommendations for affordable places to stay in Toronto?
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So I want to stay in Toronto from December 23rd to January 1st. The cheapest I've found is about $900 CAD. I can afford it but I would prefer to pay less. I really don't want to stay in Kingston (where I live) this Christmas. I did it last year and it was quite frankly depressing.

I thought about traveling as well. It's like damn near impossible. We're in July and every destination outside Canada is more expensive than just going to Toronto. I thought about going to Las Vegas, NYC or Calgary. Only Calgary seemed reasonable.

Also thought about heading to Montreal, but that's probably the fourth time I go over there. It was definitely cheaper than Toronto, if I find nothing else I might just go there instead.

Anyway, if anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated.
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I live in Toronto. A lot of people leave Toronto to go visit family other places at that time and it's a tricky time to find pet sitting. I think it would be possible to find a gig house sitting or pet sitting for that time, but probably not until much closer to the winter.
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Thought about Quebec City? It's at its best in wintertime.
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Are you looking on Airbnb?
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If you're good with pets, try and stay for free.
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~110/night seems not bad to me, especially at a time that a lot of people have time off, but then I am used to Toronto prices. It might depend on what you want to do in Toronto - you could look for a further out place for a few nights, and commute in. Quebec City is potentially cheaper, or Ottawa.
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I'm from Toronto. Agree that $110 per night is getting to the low end of the scale already - I’ve been dealing with all kinds of accommodations for our upcoming wedding and the cheapest thing I could find that was okay for my cousin but not for someone my age, was a hostel in parkdale that had some private rooms with shared bathrooms, even those were $100 a night.

If you go further out you can get cheaper spots, but there’s the added cost of travel to whatever you’re doing and the time associated with that.
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