Getting insulin as a non-EU/EEA tourist in Norway?
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I'm a USA citizen, currently in Norway (thanks to some excellent advice from the green previously). I have type one diabetes, and would like to extend my trip beyond what I originally planned, but am not sure if I have enough insulin with me. Is it possible to get insulin (paying out of pocket) as a non-EU tourist in Norway, without jeopardizing my ability to return in the future?

This website only mentions "urgent care", which I presume this would not count as. But, it's also not clear to me that that page is complete.

I guess my questions are:
  1. If I go to a hospital/doctor here, is it likely that I would actually be able to purchase insulin?
  2. If I go to a hospital/doctor here, is there a chance that it would make it more difficult for me to return to Norway/the EU in the future? And if so, how likely is that?
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1. Perhaps try asking at a pharmacy (apotek)--according to this UK Diabetes page, that's where you would get insulin. The UK page also states that insulin would be reduced price for anyone with EU insurance, but presumably you can pay out of pocket as well? There are certainly mechanisms in place to provide life-saving, critical medications. The UK page also links to the Norwegian Diabetes Foundation--the page is in Norwegian, but perhaps if your call, they will have someone who can provide information in English?

2. Can't imagine that would be possible, unless you somehow violate your tourist visa. Presumably, you are thiking of extending your trip within the limits of the visa, in which case you should be fine, as long as you don't, say, not pay for the insulin you obtain or commit similar fraud/criminal activity.
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All the website says is that the Norwegian government won't reimburse you for costs you incur as you access treatment..this doesn't stop you from obtaining care and treatment.

If you have travel insurance you may be able to obtain re-imbursement from them.

The only way I could see seeking medical care affect your ability to travel in the future may be if you fail to pay what you owe?
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Not to abuse the edit option - I'd be surprised if the pharmacy would give you insulin without a prescription. Just find a GP, have your current prescription by your treating physician at home with you or at least your medication and ask about getting more insulin as your trip has been extended.
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