Help me name my snails
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I have several aquatic snails in a tank I call Snellywood (Snailcity, S-town, baby). I have two new purple mystery snails to join my other mysteries Fred and Ginger (and Tracy and Hepburn the nerites)

I want them to be a pair of actresses specifically, not necessarily another co-starring couple. I was thinking Davis and Crawford but I don't actually want a pet named after Joan Crawford. I love Barbara Stanwyck but no name sticks out to me as a good counterpart. But I'm also up for any other good classic Hollywood names, Ginger is laying eggs like a fiend.
Snail Tax (4 snails, one piece of kale lol) and Egg clutch pic (not for the squeamish, some people think they look really gross)
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Best answer: Judy and Liza?
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Best answer: Davis and Baxter? (All About Eve)
Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine?
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Harlow and Bara (Theda) if they are vampy snails.

Lily (Tomlin) and Jane (Fonda) for the aging buddy movie vibe?
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Ingrid and Isabella
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Best answer: I propose you name the snails Barbara and Stanwyck.

Another path you could take is Barbara Stanwyck was in Double Indemnity, a movie based on a James M Cain novel. Other famous James M Cain adaptations: Mildred Pierce (there's your Joan Crawford problem though) and The Postman Always Rings Twice (starring Lana Turner). So if you're looking for a pairing, Barbara and Lana is a connection that you can make a good argument for.
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Geena & Susan, Thelma & Louise. The irony....
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Best answer: Barbara Stanwyck... and Anne Shirley
Barbara Stanwyck... and Mae Clarke
Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horne
Dorothy and Lillian, the Gish sisters
Dorothy Lamour and Betty Grable
Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth
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This won't be especially helpful to you but I just wanted to say I'm so happy somebody else names their snails! Mine are Whitey Bolger, Johnny Winter, Blackie Lawless & Donald Rumsfeld. (The first 3, about their color; with Donald it's something about the eyes.)
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Lucy and Vivian from "I Love Lucy"?
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Shelley Long and Shelley Duvall. (Get it? Get it????)
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Molly and Betty Lou? (From The It Girl.)
Mary and Rhoda? (From Mary Tyler Moore.)
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Prince and the Revolution.

Maude and Carol.
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Best answer: Patsy Kelly and Thelma Todd were a pretty awesome 30's double-act worth honoring.
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Response by poster: I'm so glad anyone else on earth remembers Patsy Kelly and Thelma Todd 😭
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Snail enthusiast Madison Whitefeather (of the show Crazy Ex-
Girlfriend) named her friends Snaily Minaj, Snailor Swift, Snaily Rae Jepsen, and Iggy Asnailea. Taking a page from her book, how about Grace Snaily and Maureen O'Snailivan?
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Feel free to consider less gendered names, since snails produce both eggs and sperm. Names that don't connote specific genders seem especially appropriate.
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with @citygirl 's info: Fierstein and Doubtfire
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Mary Pickford and Tallulah Bankhead

Since you're going to have a bunch of babies, check out Hollywood Graveyard YouTube This guy does really respectful and lovely tours of a lot of stars, directors, et cetera.
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Mary Martin and Sandy Duncan
Judy Garland and Diana Ross
Lynda Carter and Gal Godot
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Response by poster: INTERESTINGLY mystery snails do have male/female sex and need a male/female pair to breed (it differs from snail species to snail species, bladder snails for example are asexual reproducers). Luckily, gender is a human construct, as are names, and has no meaning for snails, so I still name them however I please lol. And just cuz it's fun: it's notoriously hard to know if one has a male or female mystery snail (aka apple snail), because you'd need to see up into their shell to spot the penis sheath if you have a male, and they usually close up when you do that. I do not know the sex of any of my mystery snails except the egg layer. In fact, because the sperm can live so long inside a mystery snail after mating, if my Ginger's eggs are fertilized, they may have been by a snail at the store and none of mine because I've just had her 3 months. SNAIL FACTS! SNACTS!
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