Because Joomla angers me.
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Fellow webmasters: What content management system is the best for what I want to do?

I am taking the leap of faith from blogger to a a site with more features.

The closest thing I can compare the site to is a group blog. A small goup of admins should be able to post podcasts and movies in catagories. The navigation bar should be able to link to all of the postings in that catagory.

(So the podcasts posts should be automaticaly filled and when someone clicks on the "Podcasts" section of he nav bar it would take you to them all.)

PHPBB integration would also knock my socks off. Modules such as "most active users, most recent topics" and such.

I installed and uninstalled a CMS and it muffed up my directories so I'd like to get as much information before making the plunge again.

I tried Joomla but the catagories and sections all seemed like too many features for this simple thing I wanted to do.
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If you haven't yet, installing a local webserver will allow for quicker/safer testing of CMS packages. XAMPP includes a preconfigured Apache/PHP/MySQL trifecta (and its Lite version requires no more than unzipping to install).
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I highly recommend checking out CMS Matrix. It is probably the most comprehensive CMS resource site I've found. I recommend starting with their search feature.
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I don't know who your webhost is, but on Dreamhost, you can automagically install WordPress and phpBB. I've just started using WordPress (started with blogger, then went to MT) and I love it. It's awesome. From what I can tell, it allows the multiple authors thing no problem. You can choose from hundreds of templates, some of which do just what you're looking for. I'm in the process of setting up two sites — a personal finance blog (with forum to follow), and a comics blog (with forum) — and have been amazed with the ease and power of the Dreamhost/WordPress/phpBB combo. I sound like an ad, I know, but that's just because I've been so pleased so far.
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Complementary to CMS Matrix, OpenSourceCMS lets you try on a lot of popular packages, logging in as an admin, adding data, etc. Great way to get a quick feel for what might work for you -- and almost as importantly, how transparent the control panel and mental model of the app works for you.
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You may want simplicity today, but don't forget that if your project expands you will want the functionality of a more powerful CMS. If you have a major hosting provider, chances are you can install any number of CMS scripts easily and transparently via Fantastico, including into different directories so you can try more than one with your own content.

Can't say enough about Drupal. Endlessly extensible, relatively simple to master the basics, constantly updated and a huge developer community, massively customizable.
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It sounds like you might actually be able to use Ning. There may be an existing Ning app that you could clone, and extend with PHP to customize for your needs.
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If you want to use your own domain with Ning, it'll cost you $4.95/month.
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I've used Movable Type for a number of sites like this, even before I started working for the company that makes it. There's plugins for handling podcasts of audio and video nicely, and for integrating with phpBB as well. And it can import from Blogger.

In general, any of the tools listed here is going to do the basic job pretty well, so you'll want to choose one you can customize/extend easily, either on your own or by reusing other people's work. And don't assume you won't want to do more in the future: Things always grow in ways you don't expect.
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