Apparently looking for the unicorn of entryway rugs.
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After much Googling, I am turning to AskMF. Can you help me find an entryway rug that's thin enough to fit under a closet door? Details inside.

Once upon a time, Lowe's had a line of 100% jute entryway rugs that were roughly 2.5 ' x 4 ' and 3mm thick. Mine is over 7 years old and crumbling into dust.

For the LIFE of me, I cannot find another rug that matches these specifications. The dimensions are less of a problem, although 4.5' would be the max length, and perhaps 3.5 ' as the max width. 2.5 x 4 or 3 x 4 would be perfect.

The real issue is that when you walk into my apartment, you are immediately facing a closet, and there is VERY little clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor. I honestly think a 5 mm thick rug might be pushing it. 3mm or 4mm would be great.

This is a weird left turn, but stay with me: my cats have one of those Ripple Rugs, and the base of it is actually PERFECT in that space, so I'm considering just buying a second one and discarding the top part. But I'd love something a little more aesthetically pleasing that's actually meant for humans.
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I recently bought this entryway mat (amazon link) which is about 4mm thick. You can do a search for "low profile" entryway mats at your preferred retailer, these are not too difficult to find.

My problem is I have tiles set on top of my wood floors at the entry so there's very little clearance between my front door and the entryway floor. But if a closet door is your issue, you have options that I don't: you could saw half an inch off the bottom of your closet door.

However, I will say I have come to prefer my thin entryway rugs and mats. During the summer I put a rug rather than a mat in that area and wash it with my regular laundry every week. (In boot season, alas, the snow/slush/salt makes a mat necessary.)
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Maybe a floor cloth, like the kind sold here would be an option? (Just an example, not an endorsement. I've never ordered from this company.)
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Something along these lines possibly?
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Just throwing it out there : you could also perhaps trim the bottom of the closet door to create more clearance and have way more choice of carpets available...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far! Just to clarify, I live in a rental, so sawing the bottom of my closet door is not an option.
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Best answer: I have this rug. It's SUPER thin and awesome. My previous rug was thicker and on a rug page and would slide around all the time om our tile entry way and this does not. It's 0.08 inches thick, which is a little over 2mm.

If you dont like the look, maybe check other washable rugs? Not sure if they are all as thin as this but i imagine there has to be other patterns in a similar format elsewhere.
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Have you tried Ruggable? I don't know how thin you need it to be, but the Ruggable rug I have is definitely thin enough for my closet doors to go over it.
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Response by poster: Thanks again for the suggestions! I marked amycup as the best answer because that was the only rug thin enough to work, but it's also the wrong color scheme for my apartment.

It turns out that you can buy JUST the bottom part of the Ripple Rug on their website, so I just bought one of those. Not very interesting or aesthetically pleasing, but the bottom is nonslip (no rug pad!), it's plenty thin, and I'm just going to track snow and salt onto it in the winter.

My main takeaway from this experience is that websites need better metadata about rugs! Shout-out to, who has better filters than most, and often includes pictures of a ruler next to the product so you can see how high the pile actually is. None of them worked, but at least I had the right info.
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