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Has anyone ever used one of those web detective sites? If so, which would you recommend?

I'm trying to find someone I fell out of touch with. Years ago, I found someone through one of these "people finder" kind of things, but now there are thousands of them and they all charge different prices. Some are as cheap as 9.99 for 3 days and some as high as 59 bucks for one search. Has anyone used one of these successfully lately?
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The collection agency I worked for seemed very, very happy with Black Book Online, which featured several free search resources.
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I've never used one of the pay ones, but zabasearch is pretty popular at my public library.
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I've heard good things about
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I'd start with zabasearch or USA People Search. I was looking for somebody I lost touch with who has a common name and found enough info between these two (the free versions) and Google to get a phone number. USA People Search gives an age with is very useful.
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