Does a snowblower need preventative service?
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I have an Ariens Compact 24” snowblower and have changed its oil, drained its gas tank, and changed spark plugs at the end of each season. Is there anything I need my local service shop to do to keep it in good shape, or is what I do sufficient?

I’ve been doing my maintenance routine since the snowblower was new—seven years—so it’s running fine enough. However at this point in its life I’d like to be proactive to ensure it’s ready for next season. Thanks!
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There's not much on a snowblower that isn't diy-able

* check condition of scraper blade and skid shoes
* grease transmission parts (corrosion prevention and lube)
* check condition of rubber friction wheel in transmission
* remove wheels and grease axles (more for corrosion prevention than lube)
* check condition of both drive and auger belts
* check the adjustment of the drive and auger control cables

the owner's manual for mine (10 year old Craftsman) goes into detail on how to actually do these items. I imagine the Ariens one is similar, and should be findable on the internet.
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Skid shoes and paint are where I see wear on my Craftsman of similar size. The shoes grind off, and eventually the blade hits the ground and it it difficult to move the machine -- but replacing them is easy. (And they are reversible!)

Oh, there's a cotter pin in the joint of the crank arm that rotates the chute, and I have replaced that several times. I finally bought a bag of spares, and so the last one will be immortal.

Honestly, you're doing more than I do here in New England!
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If you have gas that is stored over the summer, treat it with gas stabilizer. Not bad to have stabilizer in the snowblower over the winter. Old gas is a big cause of snowblower problems.

I have an Ariens and don't do the very sensible stuff you do, and I've had few problems.
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