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In the past 5 years I've watched a movie or TV show that had among its characters the poet William Blake. He was not a major character. I could have sworn it was Taboo, but having just rewatched it... nope. What movie or tv show was it?
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The Frankenstein Chronicles
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William Blake is a character in the strange Jim Jarmusch Western movie Dead Man. It's pretty distinctive, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Neither of those. Seen Dead Man in the theatre and not since. Never heard of Frankenstein Chronicles and doesn't appear to have streamed in Canada (so I didn't watch it and completely forget I'd done so).
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Here's a Google search for all IMDb character pages matching "William Blake"; only 86 results so maybe give that a scan and see if there's anything familiar?
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Thomas Harris first Hannibal Lecter novel, Red Dragon, prominently features William Blake. It's been made into a movie. Twice.
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Oops, not a character. Sorry. Carry on.
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