Castro Hat Variant?
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Please help me identify my lost hat , and where I might be able to acquire a new one.

I lost this hat (pic2, pic3) a while ago. I wasn't too phased at the time, since I purchased it at a Wal-Mart and expected to be able to easily find another one. However, my searches in store and online have been to no avail. It looks sort of like a Castro hat as previously asked about here, but has three rings of fabric on the front face of the crown. I remember that the tag inside had a red, white, and blue emblem on it, but my memory tells me that it probably wasn't made in the United States.
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Ooh, definitely Urban Outfitters.
posted by penchant at 7:56 PM on April 12, 2006

Maybe it's not exactly what you had before, but the "ripstop cadet" one sounds close.

Ugh, and I apologize for the tooley nature of the models on that site...
posted by penchant at 7:57 PM on April 12, 2006

this one has a loop looking thing in front, but it's more rounded than yours.
posted by MadamM at 9:28 PM on April 12, 2006

Could it this one? (From the Wal-Mart Website)
posted by sophist at 2:20 AM on April 13, 2006

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