Is prostate stimulation an acquired taste?
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Is prostate stimulation an acquired taste?

While that area in general feels great, direct prostate stimulation just seems to feel weird/intense/somewhat uncomfy. Am I missing something?
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If you don't like it, you don't like it.

But, I might suggest that you try stimulating it less intensely. That said, it is an intense and unique sensation.
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If you don't have a desire for that sort of stimulation, you are better off not worrying about it and moving on to something more personally appealing.

As for your question: Tastes great, but it's hard to get my tongue that deep.

Seriously, I think it is a bit of an acquired taste, and a bit of a native desire, perhaps to give to one's partner. Some just love stuff up there, and the prostate just adds to the pleasure.

The intensity of an erotic pleasure has an unfortunate tendency to decrease with age. When young, some things are too much. Latter, wow! Latter still...meh.
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Echoing what Goofyy said... it's a combination of acquired taste and inborn desire. That said, I personally (TMI WARNING) find prostate stimulation to be very pleasurable when I'm already close to orgasm. That seems to be the trick.
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I can't say as I like it much. . . I also cannot reach orgasm when that part of me (prostate) is being played with.

Shallower, that is a whole other story.
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If you like it, you do. If you don't you don't. Why worry about it?
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All the way on the prostate is way too much for me until there's been a bit of prep work.

At the minimum, 30 minutes.

Give it time.
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I think the "why worry about it" is that its got a rep as something just shy of amazing (when you hear about it) so when you get a result of "eh" it's hard not to wonder if you're doing it wrong.

I bought one of those Aneros prostate things about a year ago when someone gave me a discount coupon and my reaction was "meh." It's not unpleasant by any means but it certainly didn't live up to some writeups I'd read where people said it was almost enough to get their rocks off by itself.
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I suspect it must be. Personally, if I never have another doctor's finger up my arse again it'll be way too soon.
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Heh, well, I am female, but I think a general concept applies that dirtynumbangelboy alluded to:

... very pleasurable when I'm already close to orgasm. That seems to be the trick.

This reminds me of anal (stimulation) -- It does feel weird/intense/somewhat uncomfortable unless I'm pretty close to orgasm -- at that point, my nerves seem to be less sensitive and more able to handle it. I don't like it if it's done before I'm totally aroused, but only after that point (approaching maximum arousal) can it begin to feel good....
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